Sunday, 4 March 2012

Teacher, metalsmith and crafts researcher John Grayson came in on Thursday and Friday this week 

John works through a range of material and disciplines including the printed tin automata he is largely known for (although he admits that he is really moving away from this work nowadays).

John gave a great talk on his practice

here he's talking about an enamel piece A Trifle from Bilston, work developed and enabled through working with a midlands enamel factory.

John Grayson, A Present for the People of England
 Another enamel piece drawing on the political resonances found in Georgian snuff boxes.

John also gave a workshop on some pewter techniques, to help with the Pewter Live competition- open to second years.
(we usually do quite well so fingers crossed for this year)
   In the workshop Rolling

The results



 Casting with Silligum

I know people took some more photos of the workshop so I'll put em up when I get them

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