Friday, 2 March 2012

Level One Materials Rotation work - fine metal curious tool project
Jack Stiling Level 1 Crafts made this - a great help for busy Victorian inventors..

Tired of having to constantly dip your nib, when you are in the midst of noting down you most ingenious marvel yet? The Engineer's Scribe has it covered. The gents at the patent office will be aghast at how fast you will be throwing your inventions at them. With its automatically fed ink chamber and fully adjustable riveted system, the Engineer's Scribe will not only able you to write continuously, but press on with your work at the same time. Using only the finest copper, brass and gilding metal, it is constructed by hand, soldered and hammered into shape to create a seemingly indestructible piece, ready for the vigorous tasks it will be put through when in use.

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Beatrix Baker

Amy Jones
My fish helmet was made with the idea of fish being able to defend them selves against getting caught by a fishing hook, or on the idea that crazy animal rights people could put these on fishes heads, so fishermen couldn't catch them. It was supposed to be a kind of funny idea as well because obviously fish would sink with this on their heads! I hope that descriptions OK- its all i can think of to say about it........

Sophie Jarram

Rebecca Avery

NOSE WARMER: I designed it to combat cold noses on winter days, for people who want to stay on trend with fashion! It is lined with leopard print fur and has a handy 'on off' switch on the front.

Jamie Collins

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