Monday, 11 March 2013

Presiana Shisheva is a level 3 crafts student working in glass  and mixed media

She recently showed some work at Love at the Poly

Presiana’s work is a representation of her love for nature and concern about the alienation that exists between western culture and the natural environment.  The female body is the symbol of the intimate connection between mankind and nature.  Our western world-view does not represent this interdependence.  Presiana questions this paradigm by using the cut of branches as metaphors of our dependency on nature.  This connection is fragile, unstable and overwhelmed by technological influence.  The cable serves as a symbol of the modern mind set.  Technology has become the main medium through which we communicate and engage with each other.  Thus in her work the material language brings together the female role within the different dimensions of our culture.

An Intimate Connection

Between Nature and Society

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